Secure Your Coinbase Account with YubiKey – A Complete Guide.

Secure Your Coinbase Account with YubiKey.

Securing a Coinbase account using the YubiKey security key should be a priority for anyone using the platform, even if you don’t actively invest or hold any funds. With the increased popularity of cryptocurrency, the threat of accounts takeover is even more real. The inadequate security measures have already affected thousands of Coinbase customers resulting …

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Should I buy a YubiKey Security Key?

Should I Buy a YubiKey Security Key

The popularity of Security Keys exploded within the last few years. As a result, you can use your YubiKey with more services than ever, including, of course, the well-known giants like Google, Facebook, or Twitter, to mention a few. You should buy a YubiKey if you like to take the safety of your online accounts …

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How to use YubiKey with NordPass?

How to use YubiKey with NordPass.

The Nordpass Password Manager is one of many Password Managers offering Multi-Factor Authentication, including a Physical Hardware key like YubiKey. Press Account Settings in the Nordpass application installed on your computer and enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Confirm your password and press Setup under the Security Key option. Follow the Warning message on the screen and …

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What if I lose my Yubikey?

What if I lose my YubiKey.

I have lost my YubiKey recently, and my heart sank when I realized that I could lose access to my most important accounts. Luckily, that feeling lasted only a few seconds as I knew that I had taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening. I follow a few rules every time I secure …

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Can I use Microsoft Authenticator on Multiple Devices?

Can I use Microsoft Authenticator on Multiple Devices

Although possible, using Microsoft Authenticator on multiple devices registered under the same Microsoft account may lead to complete data loss by unintentionally overriding your cloud backup using one of the devices. Having two or more devices with the Microsoft Authenticator app on them sounds like a convenient way to share the 2FA codes with your …

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Does Firefox have a Password Manager?

Blog post featured image about Firefox Password Manager

Firefox has a Password Manager and is now called Firefox Lockwise. On a desktop, Firefox Lockwise is a part of the browser, but on iOS or Android is a standalone app that also includes a simple password generator. As any other browser-based Password Manager, Firefox Lockwise offers the basic functionality of saving your credentials or …

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Can You get a Virus from an Image?

Can you get a virus from an image?

The idea of getting a computer virus from an image has never crossed my mind. Most of us are aware of the dangers lurking on the internet. We may think twice before opening that email attachment or downloading unknown files from the internet. But getting a virus from an image is the last thing I …

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