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Discord Backup Codes – where to find them?


Having a copy of your Discord Backup Codes is critical in case you lose your authentication app. With ten Backup Codes at your disposal, it is important to know where to find them and generate a new set if required.

  1. Login to your Discord account.
  2. Click Settings icon to view your Discord profile settings.
  3. Press View Backup Codes under My Account Settings section.
  4. Confirm your Discord Account Password.

You can view your 8-digit Backup Codes at any time in your account, but you must also make sure to keep a copy of them in a safe place.

You have 10 backup codes at your disposal. A single code should be used in case you have lost access to your authenticator app. A new set of Backup Codes should be generated after all of them have been used.

Viewing your Backup Codes.

1) Select the User Settings icon.

On the desktop, the settings icon is located at the bottom left corner of the page.

If you are using your mobile phone, the icon is green and located at the bottom right.

An arrow pointing at the Discord account settings icon
Discord User Settings icon.

2) The Backup Codes are located at the bottom of the My Account section.

An arrow pointing at the My Account section under Discord account with a square box around View Backup Codes section.
View Backup Codes button.

3) Press the View Backup Codes button and confirm your password.

Discord Password confirmation dialog before viewing Backup Codes.
Confirm your password before viewing the Backup Codes.

4) Download your Backup Codes as a text file.

Download Backup Codes button for Discord Account.
Download Discord Backup codes as a text file.
Text file with Discord Backup Codes.
Backup Codes are exported to a text file.

Make sure to remove the word Discord from that file and replace it with another phrase that will help you remember that these backup codes are for your Discord account.

5) Generate a new set of Backup Codes.

You can generate a new set of Backup Codes anytime you like.

But make sure to generate a new set if you have used all of them. Remember that a single code can only be used once to access your account.

Password confirmation when generating a new set of Backup Codes for Discord account
Generating a new set of Backup Codes for Discord Account.

Discord Account – loging in with a Backup Code?

You can log in to your Discord account using one of the ten Backup Codes.

Type your email or phone number and password as usual, and when you get prompted to type your 6-digit authentication code, paste one of the Backup Codes instead.

Discord account log in screen dialog.
Discord account log-in screen prompt.

Keep in mind that each Backup Code can only be used once, so make sure to generate a new set before using all ten of them.

Discord account Two-Factor Authentication confirmation dialog.
Discord Two-Factor Authentication prompt.

Otherwise, you will risk locking your account if you don’t have access to your authenticator app.

What if my Backup Codes don’t work?

Not working Backup Codes may indicate that you have used all of them before generating a new set.

It is easy to forget how many did you used.

However, your Backup Codes should not be treated as a replacement for Two-Factor Authentication. They should only be used in an emergency when you can’t access your Authenticator app.

If you lost access to your 2FA app and your Backup Codes no longer work, your only option is to contact Discord Support and hope for the best.

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