Popular Password Managers that Work with YubiKey

Popular Password Managers that work with YubiKey.

Not everyone who uses a Password Manager is comfortable with the fact that only a single master password is often required to gain access. Fortunately, the developers behind the most popular Password Managers were already aware of that issue, and new additional authentication methods were added to improve the safety of your data. Most reputable Password Managers can secure your account with Two-Factor Authentication, which typically means using an Authenticator app like Google Authenticator to generate the 6-digit TOTP code. …

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Adding 2FA Codes to 1Password – With Video Tutorial

Adding 2FA codes to 1Password.

I’m sure you are already familiar with 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication, and you have been using it to elevate the security of the accounts which offer it. But did you know that instead of using Google or Microsoft Authenticator, you can add 2FA codes to the 1Password manager? Adding 2FA codes to 1Password has never been easier. The process is simple and requires no more effort than adding them to other Authenticator apps. But the benefit is enormous; you will …

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1Password – Tips and Tricks for Everyday Use

1Password tips and tricks.

I have been using 1Password for over three years now, and I believe that’s long enough to share my favorite 1Password tips and tricks, which I think you will also like. However, I wish I had such a list when I started using the software for the first time. It would have saved me some time and frustration. Some of the tips and tricks are mine, while others were collected from all over the internet. Over the years, 1Password users …

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1Password: Three Years Later

Is 1Password Worth it - My Experience after three years.

When I look back, I can no longer comprehend how I was able to manage my credentials before I started using 1Password. It has completely changed how I work and use my computer or mobile phone. The 1Password has become my most used piece of software, safeguarding my digital life and enabling me to focus on what is important without worrying about my passwords. There are many Password Managers on the market, but only a few can match the functionality …

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