Export Google Authenticator to LastPass

Export Google Authenticator to LastPass.

If LastPass is a Password Manager of your choice, you may also know about the LastPass Authenticator app. Like the Google Authenticator, the LastPass Authenticator is also used for multifactor authentication. If you like me and have been using Google Authenticator instead of your Password Manager to save your 2FA accounts, you may be wondering how to now move these accounts to LastPass Authenticator so you don’t have to rely on multiple applications. Luckily for you, I have already found …

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Export Google Authenticator to Bitwarden

Export Google Authenticator to Bitwarden.

In this article, I will describe the steps I took to move my existing 2FA accounts from Google Authenticator to Bitwarden Password Manager by extracting the Secret Keys from the Google Authenticator QR codes. For years I have been using Google Authenticator without realizing how difficult it will be to switch to other applications that also support 2FA authentication. Only recently I decided to move my 2FA accounts from the GA app to 1Password just to find out that it …

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Export Google Authenticator to Microsoft Authenticator

Export Google Authenticator to Microsoft Authenticator

With the introduction of the Export Account option in the Google Authenticator app, moving the 2FA codes between devices has never been easier. There is one problem though, the Export Account works only between GA apps. I have tried the GA export feature with apps like Authy or 1Password. The transfer failed every time as the QR codes generated by the Google Authenticator Export feature are incompatible with other 2FA apps. I have finally found the solution to transfer them …

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What if I lose my phone with Google Authenticator on it?

Laptop on the desk with Google Account Recovery option on the screen

Ok, so your phone was lost or stolen, and you had a Google Authenticator on it. It happened to me, so I am pretty familiar with the process. I had enough when I lost my phone with Google Authenticator on it. Then I discovered 1Password Password Manager, an excellent alternative to the Google Authenticator if you are currently searching for a good Password Manager. By the way, did you know that the 1Password has an Authenticator application built into it …

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Export Google Authenticator to Authy

Export Google Authenticator to Authy.

If you have ever tried to export Google Authenticator to Authy, it may not surprise you that the QR codes generated by the Google Authenticator app when transferring accounts are not compatible with Authy. I have recently decided to test if exporting Google Authenticator to other 2FA applications is as simple as I thought. Unfortunately, the results were not what I was expecting. Most of the application, including Authy, has failed to scan the QR code generated by the Google …

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Export Google Authenticator to 1Password

Export Google Authenticator to 1Password.

If you are familiar with 1Password, you probably know that the 1Password can generate 2FA TOTP codes used to protect your online accounts. You may also know that you can add 2FA codes to 1Password by either scanning the QR code displayed on the page or an image or manually typing the Secret Key. However, many people, including myself, kept using the Google Authenticator app to generate the Two-Factor Authentication TOTP codes either due to the lack of other options …

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Extract Secret Keys from Google Authenticator QR Code

Extract Secret Keys from the Google Authenticator QR Codes.

If you are reading this article, I’m sure you are aware that the QR codes generated by the Google Authenticator app when transferring accounts are unreadable by other similar applications capable of generating the TOTP codes. For example, applications like Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass, or 1Password, to name a few, will return an error message when attempting to scan the QR code. The whole idea of extracting Secret Keys from Google Authenticator came about when I wanted to export my …

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Discord Backup Codes – Where to Find Them?

Discord Backup Codes - where to find them

Having a copy of your Discord Backup Codes is critical in case you lose your authentication app. With ten Backup Codes at your disposal, it is crucial to know where to find them and generate a new set if required. You will find the Discord Backup Codes in the following location. You can view your 8-digit Discord Backup Codes at any time in your account, but you must also make sure to keep a copy of them in a safe …

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Adding 2FA Codes to 1Password – With Video Tutorial

Adding 2FA codes to 1Password.

I’m sure you are already familiar with 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication, and you have been using it to elevate the security of the accounts which offer it. But did you know that instead of using Google or Microsoft Authenticator, you can add 2FA codes to the 1Password manager? Adding 2FA codes to 1Password has never been easier. The process is simple and requires no more effort than adding them to other Authenticator apps. But the benefit is enormous; you will …

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Can I use Google Authenticator on Multiple Devices?

White Smartphone and a tablet on the desk

Since May 7, 2020, you can use Google Authenticator on multiple devices without the need to scan the QR codes individually with your new phone during the initial setup of Two-Step Verification on your account. Google has introduced the portability of Google Authenticator 2SV codes across Android devices, allowing you to have Google Authenticator on two or more Android devices. This long-awaited feature simplifies the process of transferring Google Authenticator to the new phone. There is no longer a need …

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