Google or Microsoft Authenticator? A Comparison

Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator which one is better

If your main objective is to secure your accounts with Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator are great choices. However, when you consider many additional options offered by the former, the choice becomes clear. Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator – main differences. As you can see, there is a big difference between both apps. However, Microsoft Authenticator easily outperformed Google Authenticator with the vast array of features offered by the app. But are all these options essential and useful, …

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Deleting Google Authenticator? – Do this First

Deleting Google Authenticator - Do this first.

If you are thinking of removing Google Authenticator from your phone, please wait for a minute and let me explain what you should do first to save yourself a lot of trouble. Whether you don’t like the design of the Google Authenticator app or are upset about the lack of a backup option, or perhaps you bought a new phone, follow the steps below to make sure you won’t regret it. Make sure to copy the Backup Codes, QR-Codes, or …

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