Export Google Authenticator to LastPass

Export Google Authenticator to LastPass.

If LastPass is a Password Manager of your choice, you may also know about the LastPass Authenticator app. Like the Google Authenticator, the LastPass Authenticator is also used for multifactor authentication. If you like me and have been using Google Authenticator instead of your Password Manager to save your 2FA accounts, you may be wondering how to now move these accounts to LastPass Authenticator so you don’t have to rely on multiple applications. Luckily for you, I have already found …

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Popular Password Managers that Work with YubiKey

Popular Password Managers that work with YubiKey.

Not everyone who uses a Password Manager is comfortable with the fact that only a single master password is often required to gain access. Fortunately, the developers behind the most popular Password Managers were already aware of that issue, and new additional authentication methods were added to improve the safety of your data. Most reputable Password Managers can secure your account with Two-Factor Authentication, which typically means using an Authenticator app like Google Authenticator to generate the 6-digit TOTP code. …

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