An idea for shieldplanet.com came after spending countless hours resetting or trying to remember all the passwords and accounts I have ever used while browsing the web. I tried everything, used my browser password manager, stored them on my IronKey USB drive, and even wrote them down in my notepad.

I had to find a better solution. So I started researching the topic, focusing on related subjects like privacy, VPNs, Password Managers, and anything I could find about staying safe online and keeping control of my online presence.

I thought I would share my experience and research results on this blog by answering common questions about online safety, ideas, and thoughts, which hopefully help you “Stay Safe Online.”

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About the Author

I’m a Systems Applications Developer writing software in C# and .NET with interest in Cyber Security and Systems Administration.

I divide my time between my family and passion for programming using .NET Technology and my favorite language, C#.

If I’m not in Visual Studio, I’m probably trying to catch up with the continuously evolving Tech-World, researching Online Security & Privacy, and chasing the latest Data Breaches.

You can find me on: