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Hi, I’m Tomasz, and I’m the founder of Shieldplanet.com.

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Who am I?

I’m a systems applications developer with a deep understanding of online safety. My background in C# and .NET development and my commitment to staying informed about the latest in cyber security give me a unique perspective on internet security.

As a professional with certifications in “Application Security for Developers” and ITIL’s “Certificate in IT Service Management,” I can share my expertise and help others stay safe online. My blog offers actionable tips and advice on topics such as password management, two-factor authentication, and other important aspects of online safety.

I hope to positively impact and help create a safer, more secure internet for all by educating and empowering individuals to protect themselves in the digital world.

So, when and how did it all begin?

At the end of 2018, I became increasingly frustrated with the growing number of accounts and passwords I needed to manage. To make matters worse, I lost my phone just before Christmas that same year, which had the Two-Factor Authentication app installed.

As a result, the following two weeks were unbearable because I had not saved the secret keys or backup codes. I had to contact support for every account that was secured with 2FA using the app.

This experience made me realize that I had neglected to take the necessary steps to properly secure my accounts and research the steps required to regain access in case of emergencies, such as when I lost my phone with the 2FA app.

It was ironic because I had a keen interest in Cyber-Security and was well aware of the importance of following the latest best practices to stay secure online.

Then, I had a thought: why not start a blog and share what I had learned either through trial and error or by obtaining certifications such as “Application Security for Developers”?

Through this journey, I gained knowledge about cyber security, including the significance of password complexity, password storage, and even more advanced topics such as investigating breach root causes or performing pen testing exercises.

These experiences further heightened my interest in Cyber-Security, and I hope to share everything I have learned on this blog.