Yubico Authenticator vs Google Authenticator

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The main difference between Google Authenticator and Yubico Authenticator lies in how both applications handle the secret keys used to generate time-based OTP codes. Google Authenticator application keeps the secret keys on your phone, generating the codes every time you open the application. Yubico Authenticator, on the other hand, reads the secret keys from the Yubikey inserted into your device or via NFC and only then displays the codes in the application. Comparison of Yubico and Google Authenticator Name Yubico …

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Google or Microsoft Authenticator? A Comparison

Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator which one is better

If your main objective is to secure your accounts with Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator are great choices. However, when you consider many additional options offered by the former, the choice becomes clear. Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator – main differences. As you can see, there is a big difference between both apps. However, Microsoft Authenticator easily outperformed Google Authenticator with the vast array of features offered by the app. But are all these options essential and useful, …

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Deleting Google Authenticator? – Do this First

Deleting Google Authenticator - Do this first.

If you are thinking of removing Google Authenticator from your phone, please wait for a minute and let me explain what you should do first to save yourself a lot of trouble. Whether you don’t like the design of the Google Authenticator app or are upset about the lack of a backup option, or perhaps you bought a new phone, follow the steps below to make sure you won’t regret it. Make sure to copy the Backup Codes, QR-Codes, or …

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How to use Yubico Authenticator?

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Using the Yubico Authenticator application is as easy as using any other Authenticator app. Be prepared though to invest a bit of money. The Yubico Authenticator is free to use, but it won`t work without a compatible Yubikey which may cost between $40 and $70. That might sound like a waste of money, but we have to remember that the Yubikey has much more to offer than simply storing your Secret Keys used to generate the OTP codes with the …

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