Extract Secret Keys from Google Authenticator QR Code.

Extract Secret Key from Google Authenticator QR Code.

If you are reading this article, I’m sure you are aware that the QR codes generated by the Google Authenticator app when transferring accounts are unreadable by other similar applications capable of generating the TOTP codes. For example, applications like Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass, or 1Password, to name a few, will return an error message …

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Can I use Google Authenticator on Multiple Devices?

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Since May 7, 2020, you can use Google Authenticator on multiple devices without the need to scan the QR codes individually with your new phone during the initial setup of Two-Step Verification on your account. Google has introduced the portability of Google Authenticator 2SV codes across Android devices, allowing you to have Google Authenticator on …

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Can I use Microsoft Authenticator on Multiple Devices?

Can I use Microsoft Authenticator on Multiple Devices

Although possible, using Microsoft Authenticator on multiple devices registered under the same Microsoft account may lead to complete data loss by unintentionally overriding your cloud backup using one of the devices. Having two or more devices with the Microsoft Authenticator app on them sounds like a convenient way to share the 2FA codes with your …

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Yubico Authenticator vs Google Authenticator

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The main difference between Google Authenticator and Yubico Authenticator lies in how both applications handle the secret keys used to generate time-based OTP codes. Google Authenticator application keeps the secret keys on your phone, generating the codes every time you open the application. Yubico Authenticator, on the other hand, reads the secret keys from the …

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