Does Firefox have a Password Manager?

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Firefox has a Password Manager and is now called Firefox Lockwise. On a desktop, Firefox Lockwise is a part of the browser, but on iOS or Android is a standalone app that also includes a simple password generator. As any other browser-based Password Manager, Firefox Lockwise offers the basic functionality of saving your credentials or Autofill functionality. One option, however, which deserves more credit is the ability to alert you about any of your accounts that were exposed in a …

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Step-by-Step: Exporting Firefox Passwords

How to Export or Transfer Firefox Passwords.

Whether you like to export or transfer your Firefox passwords to a new computer or synchronize your saved data across devices, Firefox offers a set of tools that makes this process as easy as possible. To export your passwords from the Firefox browser, click the Open Application Menu in the top right corner of your browser. Select Logins and Passwords followed by your Primary Password if you have configured one. Select three dots in the top right corner and select …

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