Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator – Which one is better?

Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator which one is better

If your main objective is to secure your accounts with Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator are great choices. However, when you consider many additional options offered by the former, the choice becomes clear. Google Authenticator vs Microsoft Authenticator – main differences. Microsoft Authenticator offers an optional Cloud Backup which is not available in …

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Can I use Google Authenticator on Multiple Devices?

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Since May 7, 2020, you can use Google Authenticator on multiple devices without the need to scan the QR codes individually with your new phone during the initial setup of Two-Step Verification on your account. Google has introduced the portability of Google Authenticator 2SV codes across Android devices, allowing you to have Google Authenticator on …

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What if I lose my phone with Google Authenticator on it?

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Ok, so your phone was lost or stolen, and you had a Google Authenticator on it. It happened to me, so I am pretty familiar with the process. When I have lost my phone with Google Authenticator on it, I had enough. Then I have discovered 1Password, which is an excellent alternative to the Google …

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How to use Yubico Authenticator?

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Using the Yubico Authenticator application is as easy as using any other Authenticator app. Be prepared though to invest a bit of money. The Yubico Authenticator is free to use, but it won`t work without a compatible Yubikey which may cost between $40 and $70. That might sound like a waste of money, but we …

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Can I use Google Authenticator with Microsoft Account?

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Below is a quick guide on how to configure your Microsoft Account to work with Google authenticator. You may also find a more detailed version of the guide below, where I also explained why it is important to save your Microsoft Account Secret Key and Recovery Code. Download Google Authenticator app. Log in to your …

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How to add an Account to Google Authenticator?

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To add an account to Google Authenticator open the app on your phone and press Plus button. Scan the QR Code or enter a setup key displayed on the website and change the Account name if necessary. Follow the instruction on your screen to verify that the code is working. From now on apart from …

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